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About us

What We Do
We design vacation itineraries in Canada & Alaska based on our personal experience. We pay close attention to logistics, quality and comfort to deliver uniquely Canadian and Alaskan experiences with character, beauty and memories to last a lifetime. Our Travel Designers continue to travel throughout Canada & Alaska to gain first-hand knowledge of what we offer and are available 24/7 during your trip.

Who We Are

In 2000 we established our company in Vancouver as an inbound tour operator offering Canada & Alaska to travel companies and visitors around the world. We established the Canada by Design brand in order to offer flexible, tailor-made travel options along with our vacation planning expertise for the independent traveler.

Where You Come In

Canada & Alaska are full of diversity. From the people to the landscapes - you can discover authentic experiences, enjoy unique luxury options, and explore remote hideaways, wildlife viewing and urban culture. Simply let us know which direction you're thinking of heading and we'll transform your dream vacation into a reality for you and your loved ones.

Our staff

Jasmine Wong

Senior Travel Designer

Julia Simpson

Senior Travel Designer

Karen Sargent

Senior Travel Designer

Jennifer Balicha

Travel Designer

Samantha MacGregor

Travel Designer

Paulina Nowicki

Travel Designer

Diana He

Travel Designer

Maddie Plottel

Travel Designer

Tasha Lee

Group Travel Designer

Anthony Chow

Product Coordinator

Aubrey Reyes

Operations Assistant - Quality Assurance

Rie Tsukahara

Operations Coordinator

Yuina Ichikawa

Quality Assurance

Amber Benoit

Accounts Administration

Stephanie McCrone

Product Coordinator

Katerina Kalinina

Accounts Administration

Anna Nehm

Senior Product Coordinator - Product Development

Linda Bramkamp

Operations Coordinator

Lindsay Galbraith

Marketing Coordinator

Sabine Stauf

Group Sales Manager

Jennifer Condie

Manager of International Sales

Roxanne Tayler

Director of International Sales

Gary Duffy

Founder / Owner