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Maddie Plottel

Quality Assurance & Reservations Manager

Maddie combined a Canadian Studies Bachelor’s Degree with a Tourism Management Marketing Diploma and voila - a travel designer and manager specializing in Canada and Alaska! Besides spending hours looking at travel pictures every day you can also find Maddie enjoying the fantastic food and music scene in her hometown of Vancouver.

Tell us about a special discovery that you’ve made in Canada?

When I went to the Maritimes on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, my expectations were completely surpassed! You really have to walk on the red sand beaches in PEI and see the colourful fishing villages in Nova Scotia to truly understand how charming and unique the Maritimes really are. Plus Lobster Poutine is DELICIOUS!

What is your best travel memory in Canada?

Staying in a remote fishing lodge that was in the traditional territory of BC’s Northwest Coastal Peoples and learning about the local First Nations history was a deeply personal and profound experience. It was a privilege to hear the stories from a local Hereditary Chief, and he even helped me catch a huge Chinook Salmon!

What one thing in Canada should you experience at least once in your life?

Understanding the power of nature is something you can really only experience in Canada. Whether it's seeing the turquoise glacier lakes in the Rockies, watching the huge humpback whales breach in British Columbia, or witnessing the bright colours of the Northern Lights in the Yukon, these are reminders of how powerful our planet is.

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