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Michael Stevens

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Michael ventured out west to Vancouver to study Hospitality and Tourism. As luck would have it, his career began in the exciting industry of cruise ships, sailing the seven seas for several years gathering exhilarating travel experiences. Namely, navigating the splendid chaos of Mumbai, witnessing the fragile icebergs of Antarctica and relaxing on the heavenly beaches of the French Polynesian islands. Coming back to land, there was never any question that Vancouver would be it. Michael prefers to seek meaningful travel experiences that invoke personal growth and adventure.

What is your favorite place in Canada?

A little cliché, but my favorite place in Canada will always be Vancouver. The immaculate balance of mountains, ocean, and human ingenuity is something that I am obsessed with, and I don't think I'll ever get enough of it. There's a certain magic in Vancouver that can only be experienced when you're here, so if you haven't already, you really need to come and see it for yourself!

Tell us about a special discovery that you’ve made in Canada.

I've zip-lined in plenty of places all over the world, but my favorite place to do it would have to be up on Grouse Mountain. I definitely recommend doing that; but if it isn't for you there are still so many other things to do there as well! Snowshoe in the winter, watch for wildlife in the summer or hike the iconic Grouse Grind. It's a challenging hike that locals do – can you beat the best time?

What one thing in Canada should you experience at least once in your life?

Surfing in Tofino is something that you should absolutely experience at least once in your life! Catching wave after wave, you can easily find yourself enjoying it so much that you stay out in the water until dusk. After, Tofino is an amazing town with down-to-earth locals, so make a stop at the Wolf in the Fog restaurant for a meal. Theirs are some of the best I’ve had in British Columbia!

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