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Rebecca Neumann

Travel Designer

Rebecca is originally from Munich, Germany, but after first traveling to Ontario and Quebec she knew she wanted to explore more of Canada. While studying tourism management in Germany she had the chance to do an exchange semester on Vancouver Island, and simply fell in love with the west coast and the Rockies. After completing her degree she worked for a German outbound tour operator, however missed Canada so much that she decided to move to her favorite city, Vancouver, and work in tourism there. What Rebecca loves most about her work is sharing her love for this beautiful country so travelers can make the memories of a lifetime.

What is your favorite place in Canada?

Vancouver is my favorite place in Canada and I’m lucky to now call it my home! The combination of ocean, mountains and city is unique from anywhere else, and it's pretty special to have the outdoors at my doorstep without having to compromise the urban experience. There are also tons of international influences that especially reflect in the cuisine and cultural landscape. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, arts lover or passionate foodie, Vancouver just has it all.

What is your best travel memory in Canada?

Seeing whales near the shores of Vancouver Island is by far the best experience I've ever had in Canada. Since I was a child I'd only ever dreamed about seeing orcas in the wild, and that dream came true on several whale watching trips – I just can’t get enough of them! Observing orcas breaching, spyhopping or hunting is truly the memory of a lifetime.

What one thing in Canada should you experience at least once in your life?

A road trip in the Rocky Mountains is definitely a must-do. The scenery out there is just spectacular – think turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains and plenty of wildlife to watch as well. The beauty of driving yourself is that whenever you pass by a scenic spot, you can just pull over and enjoy the view. Then whenever you're ready, head on to see what's next.

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