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Stephanie Hood

Marketing Specialist

Born in Vancouver and raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Stephanie has long called British Columbia, Canada her home. A traveler at heart, she ventured outside of her small town to explore the UAE, Europe, Asia and beyond, but she always was drawn back to the nature, space and friendliness of Canada. Outside of working in tourism, Stephanie has her own travel blog, and loves a good road trip, camping adventure by the lake, or meal out at a new restaurant. If you happen to see her around, she’ll probably be stuffing her face with the city’s best sushi or in line for a nori-topped Japadog.

What is your favorite place in Canada?

Without a doubt, the gulf islands of BC. I spent every summer of my childhood sailing around from Saltspring to Lasquiti, and each island offers a unique experience. Also, it’s amazing how many gorgeous beaches are hidden around the coast of this country – you don’t have to go far for soft sand or bright blue waters!

What is your best travel memory in Canada?

I went to Stampede in Calgary, Alberta with friends and collectively it was the best experience. We drove 12 hours out of Vancouver, passed through the Rocky Mountains, got our country on, and then stopped to check out Lake Louise on the return trip. It goes without saying, that bright blue water is stunning.

Tell us about a special discovery that you’ve made in Canada.

Newcastle Island off the coast of Nanaimo is my secret spot. The entire place is a provincial park, so there are no houses or cars, and at low tide you can actually walk over to neighboring Protection Island and collect the coolest shells out of the sand.

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