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Canada Train Tours

Canada train tours designed to your distinct travel preferences.

Traveling Canada by train is a truly iconic experience, be it through the majestic Rocky Mountains of Western Canada or across the charming and colourful Eastern and Atlantic provinces.

Combining two incredible trains – the renowned Rocky Mountaineer in the west and VIA Rail, which services routes across the country – our Canada train vacations can cater to a variety of budget and interests.

As always, booking train travel in Canada comes with the expert guidance of our travel designers, customizing your trip to the point of perfection.

So whether you imagine yourself rolling around lakes, curving along the ocean’s edge or riding through the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, our Canada train tours can get you there.

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Canadian Rockies Rail with Alaska Cruise

Looking to combine a Canadian Rockies train tour with an Alaska cruise? Our itineraries boast all the breathtaking scenery and awe-inspiring moments you could imagine. From train cars to ship cabins, enjoy world-class facilities, superb accommodation... more

Canadian Rockies Train Tours

Canadian Rockies train tours are a part of Canada's history. First established as important trade routes some 130 years ago, Canada’s vast rail network now serves as a popular travel path for tourists. Carving through mountainous terrain and... more

Trans Canada Train Tours

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling across Canada by train, look no further than these trans Canada train tours. We’ve tried, tested and perfected these cross-Canada train journeys to include some of the most stunning scenery in the country,... more

Canadian Rockies Train and Self Drive Tours

Combining the leisurely pace of rail travel with the independence of driving a car, our Canadian Rockies train and self-drive tours offer plenty of time for sightseeing. Our extensive range of itineraries are designed with driving distances in mind,... more

Eastern Canada Train Tours

Connecting the alluring French culture of Montreal with the roaring Niagara Falls in Ontario, Eastern Canada train tours feel worlds away from the west. The Maritime Provinces are bursting with unique history and succulent seafood, while the streets... more

Luxury Train Tours

Explore Canadian luxury train tours designed just for you! No longer associated with the mundane commuter, rail travel in Canada has cultivated a certain romantic appeal. Connecting one coast with the other across this incredibly expansive country,... more

Winter Train and Coach Tours

Passing by snow-capped mountains and pristine frozen lakes, taking a winter train in Canada feels as though it’s straight out of a storybook. There’s truly something special about the stillness of a snow-covered landscape, sparkling under the sun... more