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Moose Viewing Tours

If you’re interested in going on a Canada moose viewing tour but have never heard of Matane, let us share our secret spot. With the largest number of moose per square kilometre in all of Quebec, Matane Wildlife Reserve is the best place to see moose in Canada. Of course, by staying in a rustic, self-contained cabin within the very park itself, you’re truly maximizing your chances of multiple viewings. Imagine waking to the song of birds and looking out your window to be face to face with a moose. Trekking along the trails with a knowledgeable guide, and finding yourself standing small next to their sheer massive size. From photo safaris in the mud flats to wildlife watching on the water by kayak, a trip to Matane to see moose is one you’ll never forget.

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Wildlife Viewing

3 Days / 2 Nights

$292From USD

per person

Matane to Matane

Highlights: Matane Wildlife Reserve | Moose  Matane Wildlife Reserve is known for the prominent presence of moose. The moose herd of this exceptional wildlife territory is characterized by a...