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Luxury Travel in Canada

On a luxury Canada tour, abundant and untamed wilderness becomes intertwined with exclusive lodges and private experiences.

Five-star hotels can be found in the middle of the mountains, private helicopter tours can take you to untouched peaks, and floating lodges can host you moments from the wild.

Redefined in a way that only this country can, our luxury excursions in Canada are the real – and wonderfully rugged – deal.

So go ahead and browse through our itineraries; lay your head in a high-end hotel or indulge in a culinary walking tour and meet the talented chef behind the scenes.

Whether you find intrigue in indulging in spa treatments at a remote mountain lodge or are enthralled by the idea of heli-hiking on glaciers, our luxury retreats, private tours and rail vacations can be customized to cross off every wish on your list.

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Private Touring

Get personal with Canada’s most stunning natural wonders and attractions on one of our private touring trips. Whether you’re a party of one or 10, our luxury private tours in Canada are led by a knowledgeable guide and organized to fit within... more

Remote Luxury Retreats

With much of Canada still relatively wild, it isn’t hard to get off the grid. That said, none of our remote Canada vacations require you to give up the comforts you’re used to, seamlessly blending luxury accommodation with more rustic untouched... more

Luxury Rail Vacations

No longer associated with the mundane commute, luxury train tours in Canada have brought romanticism back to the rails. Between British Columbia and Alberta, explorers can roam the wilderness of Western Canada in comfort and style, whether on the... more

Luxury Hotels and Lodges

Spreading out from city centres and into the pristine wilderness that’s beyond, Canada’s most luxurious hotels and lodges can be found peppered across the country. Combining prestigious names like Fairmont, Four Seasons and Shangri-La with one-of... more