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A flourishing community perched on the pristine west coast of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet (pronounced “yew-kloo-let”) calms the soul with pure ocean air, coastal walks, temperate rain forests and thriving wildlife. Just 40 minutes from Tofino, it sits within the 150,000-acre Pacific Rim National Park Reserve – with the Broken Group of Islands to the South and Long Beach to the North – creating an opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature, family and friends through outdoor activities like hiking, whale watching and surfing.

For hikers, the Wild Pacific Trail hugs the coastline of the Ucluth Peninsula and is broken into three easy-to-navigate sections: Lighthouse Loop, Big Beach and Brown’s Beach to Ancient Cedars. Pick a trail and let the deep, earthy smells of moss and fern envelop you, and the breeze from the salty, rocky coastline caress. Back in town, restaurants serve west coast cuisine for any occasion, galleries showcase rich cultural traditions and accommodation ranges from cozy cabins to luxurious waterfront suites.

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